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Since 1976.

I am a regular dude married to a sensational woman, @SandiSavage. I live every day to it’s fullest, while positively affecting the world & the generations to come. 

I am a storyteller, a believer, and an optimist. Whatever I see around me creates an experience that is delivered by me through photography, music & writing.

These experiences become my biography that is written with every moment of every day. I can see no richer life. Join me in this journey.

Your Favorite Radio Station – WIFM

We all listen to one radio station WIFM. What’s In It For Me. This resonates in the marketing posture I take with fan advocacy, influencer marketing, promotional photography, and overall branding. The goal is not to do something awesome, rather achieve a quantitative and qualitative outcome.

There is not issue with having your eye on what’s in it for you. You can look out for your interests. In fact, it is the driving force behind why you succeed, live an honorable life and are able to live with joy. We need to ask the hard questions of ourselves and what we are doing with our time here.

What are you in it for? I will help you get there through marketing, imagery or maybe someone to listen. Being of service to you is what is in it for me.