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You Always Have an Option

There is always a choice. In everything you experience there is a moment where you can go or stay, left or right, good or bad. The choice is yours. Take the posture of ownership. Own your choice. Say to yourself "I did this" or "This is a choice I made". This did not happen to you, it is a road of choices that got you

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Keep the Cypher Complete

Keep the Cypher Complete Music Video. So thankful to my friends & family for making this music video come together. A Tucker Joenz Production with Executive production by Dorothy Guerrero. Thank you Mal Jones and The Lyricist LIVE for the cypher being repped in the video. Thank you, Jeanetta Salyer & Ramona Music w/ Chris Kearnes & Alberto Cebollero for the Dos Gatos performance. Thanks Jake Gordon and the Downtown Jacksonville Art Walk for such an amazing backdrop to the video. Thanks Shannon Widow &

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Your Favorite Radio Station – WIFM

We all listen to one radio station WIFM. What's In It For Me.  There is no issue with having your eye on what's in it for you. You can look out for your interests. In fact, it is the driving force behind why you succeed, live an honorable life and are able to live with joy. We need to ask the hard questions of ourselves

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Breaking Stereotypes w/ Amanda Ruller

  You want to be a part of breaking stereotypes w/ Amanda Ruller? She is a powerhouse of energy, motivation, determination, and vision. Her accomplishments as an Olympian, football player in two different leagues, sports caster, power-lifter, model and she runs a 4.7 40. Are you feeling that? If not, get ready. She is about to deliver you a new school way of thinking about

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