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Life On Ward

Ward Hughey is a beach bum, kook surfer, and a people person. As owner and operator of Bleeding Tree Entertainment, he handles art events, booking and promotion of concerts in Saint Augustine, FL. At age 35 Ward is at home in the oldest city living amidst a community that inspires him as he works to inspire others. Along with being active in the music

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Influencing the World w/ Laura Herde

A World Influencer LauraHerde.com Laura Herde is 22 and has her eye on the world from her vantage point in Berlin. She is traveling the world, finishing college, starting a business and has a thriving influencer brand on Instagram. This podcast interview gives you the insight on how an influencer and 22 year old traveling model thinks in her business and marketing. Don't let the beaches

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Swimming w/ The Sharks in High Heels w/ Lori Cheek

She walked into the room with all the Sharks on the TV show Shark Tank. Since that meeting, she has raised six times what she asked the sharks to invest in her business Cheekd. Lori Cheek is a Kentucky Native and a New York City tech leader. She has single-handedly changed the way we look at meeting people through business cards and smartphone apps. In

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Living for the Weekend w/ Jason Joyce

The Weekend Society wkndsociety.com Jason Joyce, co-founder of the weekend society, is a focused creator. When you listen to his podcast the words of a poet combine with granular details of a sniper delivering creative rounds through t-shirts, photos, wording, and love. He ability to see the next from what is in front of him predicts the foresight of a generational voice that is growing louder

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