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2018 Is Your Year

2018 is your year. One rule you got to make it your year happen for you. Or it will happen to you. Make moves. Casting judgment is a sign of weakness & encouragement is proof of inner strength. Look back one year from today w/ the accomplishments of lives you changed, people you helped & the distance you have brought your family forward. One

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Juice (Know the Ledge) w/ Nate Does Food

Plates Reviewed Restaurants Visited Times said "Nom Nom" Favorite Meals From Nate: I’m a full-time food blogger and restaurant influencer based in Jacksonville, Florida. I wear many hats from social media manager for +10 local restaurants to food writer for Jack Magazine and EUjacksonville, to photographer, and videographer. —- I lead a secret group on Facebook of +600 people called The Nom Nom Club. I also host multi

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The Power of Names & Laughter w/ A Cup of Commonwealth

There is a coffee shop in Lexington KY named Cup of Commonwealth. They are a group of people lovers that have found a marketing plan you should follow. This came to light as I have been seeing the addition of someone's name in the subject line of an email increases the open rate. It dawned on me as I sat in this coffee shop answering

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Making the Decision w/ Anyerin Drury

Making the Decision w/ Anyerin Drury Anyerin delivers a motivational and jaw dropping interview about making a decision and completely committing to it. His commitment brought him across the world and affected tens of thousands of people. Along with his decision and faith in God, he tells the complete story of walking out the story and coming back to his home town to begin the next chapter

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