LIfe On Ward - Passion Based PodcastWard Hughey is a beach bum, kook surfer, and a people person. As owner and operator of Bleeding Tree Entertainment, he handles art events, booking and promotion of concerts in Saint Augustine, FL.

At age 35 Ward is at home in the oldest city living amidst a community that inspires him as he works to inspire others. Along with being active in the music and art scene, he is actively working to create a community that builds people up to new heights. He does this because people are the fuel for his passions.

These passions are currently invested in art, future podcasts and local St. Augustine brand STA ALL DAY. He also is working on a church plant for those that wish to take a deeper journey.

In his downtime, Ward can often be found at the beach or with friends enjoying a craft beer, cocktail and or cigar. No matter what he is doing his goal is to bring people together and impact them for the better.

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