There is always a choice. In everything you experience there is a moment where you can go or stay, left or right, good or bad. The choice is yours.

Take the posture of ownership. Own your choice. Say to yourself “I did this” or “This is a choice I made”. This did not happen to you, it is a road of choices that got you here. Good or bad, by your hand or another. You got you here. My experience has shown me that the choice is the most under-rated action that we take. Our ability to become a victim or an aggressor to make it through our situations brings us closer to failure with each self-defeating action.

Please note, that when horrific things happen we take an exception to this rule. Complete exception. When someone else makes a choice that directly hurts someone else that did not choose to be there, it breaks my heart. There are victims in our world and it is our job to make the right choices to protect and support them. If you are a victim of bad events, please email me or message me and I will be the first to get you help. 

So when you look at your life and your choices take the past into account and let your good and bad choices be the light for the next. It is called “Playing the Tape”. Play the video out in your mind from your past experiences and create a possible outcome for the current choice. Doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity.

You can be the person that makes the right choices and look at what you have done as accomplishments and not just a resume on LinkedIn to get the next job or scars on your body to remind you of decisions you can’t remember and still live out the consequences. Make the right choice starting right now. You don’t have to live a normal life with the victims and aggressors. You can be a person who lives a life of grace.

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